Traditional Medicine Practice Act, 2000

ACT 575

ACT 575

Establishment and Functions of the Traditional Medicine Practice Council
I. Establishment of the Council.
2. Object and functions of the Council.
3. Governing body of the Council.
4. Tenure of office of members.
5. Meetings of the Board.
6. Establishment and appointment of committees.
7. Allowances.
8. Regional and district offices of the Council.
Registration of Practitioners
9. Registration of practitioners.
10: Qualification for registration.
II. Temporary registration of non-citizens.
12. Renewal of certificate of registration.
13. Titles of practitioners.
14. Suspension of registration.
15. Cancellation of registration.
16. Representation to the Board.
Licensing of Practices
17. Licensing of practices.
18. Application and conditions for licence.
19. Issue and renewal of licence.
20. Display of licence.
21. Application by non-citizen.
22. Revocation, suspension and refusal to renew licence.
23. Notice of revocation, suspension or refusal to licence.
24. Effect of suspension or cancellation of licence.
25. Representation to the Board.
26. Power of entry and inspection.
27. Obstruction of inspector.
28. Notification of coroner.
Staff, Financial and Miscellaneous Provisions
29. Registrar.
30. Functions of the Registrar.

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