4/ “computer program” means a set of instructions or commands expressed in words,
codes or schemes which are capable of causing a computer system to perform or
achieve a particular task or result;
5/ “traffic data” means any computer generated data relating to a chain of
communication by means of a computer system indicating the communication’s
origin, destination, route, time, date, duration, size or types of underlying service;
6/ “content data” means any computer data found in the form of audio, video, picture,
arithmetic formula or any other form that conveys the essence, substance, meaning or
purpose of a stored or transmitted computer data or computer communication;
7/ “network” means the interconnection of two or more computer systems by which
data processing service can be provided or received;
8/ “computer data security” means the protection of a computer data from deleting,
changing, and accessing by unauthorized person, compromising its confidentiality or
any other damage;
9/ “access” means to communicate with, to enter in, store in, store data in, retrieve, or
obtain data from, to view, to receive, move or copy data from a computer system, or
otherwise make use of any data processing service thereof;
10/ “critical infrastructure” means a computer system, network or data where any of
the crimes stipulated under article 3 to 6 of this proclamation, is committed against it,
would have a considerable damage on public safety and the national interest;
11/ “interception” means real-time surveillance, recording, listening, acquisition,
viewing, controlling or any other similar act of data processing service or computer
12/ “spam” means unsolicited e-mails transmitted to multiple electronic accounts at a
13/ “service provider” means a person who provides technical data processing or
communication service or alternative infrastructure to users by means of computer
14/ “Ministry” or “Minister” means the Ministry or Minister of Justice, respectively;
15/ “Public Prosecution Department” means federal public prosecutor department
legally vested with the power and function of prosecution or delegated regional state
public prosecutor departments;
16/ “investigatory organ” mean a person legally invested with the power of
17/“regional state” means any state referred to in Article 47(1) of the Constitution of
the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and for the purpose this Proclamation it
includes Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa city administrations;

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