(a) shall be guided by the Act, Regulations and the following principles—
(i) transparency, fairness and non-discrimination;
(ii) the need to provide modern, qualitative, affordable and readily available
communications systems and services in Kenya;
(iii) the need to promote fair competition and investment in the information and
communications technology industry;
(iv) the need to promote and improve the quality of service provided by licensees
in Kenya; and
(v) any other principles that the Commission may from time to time consider
necessary and in the public interest;
(b) may issue directions in writing to any person to secure compliance with the Act
and these Regulations;
(c) may enlist and rely on the assistance of law enforcement agencies and other
relevant departments, ministries and Government of Kenya and international
agencies, as provided in the Act; and
(d) may appoint a person to inquire into and report to the Commission on any
matter pending before it and upon the receipt of a report the Commission may(i) give directions on the procedures for conducting such inquiries; and
(ii) the person or persons appointed to carry out such inquiries shall submit a report
to the Commission in the form and manner as the Commission may direct.
6. Commencement of the processes for monitoring and enforcement.
(1) The Commission shall exercise its powers under these Regulations—
(a) on its own initiative; or
(b) in response to a complaint made by a person or on behalf of a person whom the
Commission considers to have an interest in the matter which is the subject of

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