as published in

GN R1211 in GG 9775 of 7 June 1985 

as amended by

GN 1375 in GG 9807 of 28 June 1985 


In these regulations, unless the context otherwise indicates'archives depot' means an archives depot referred to in section 5 of the
Archives Act, 1962 (Act 6 of 1962);
'Commissioner' means the person performing the functions of the Tribunal
referred to in Chapter 4 of these regulations;
'cumulative effect' means(a) 	

not more than one short poem, article, story or essay or two excerpts
copied from the same author or more than three short poems, articles,
stories or essays from the same collective work or periodical volume
for the purpose of instructing a particular class during any one term;


not more than nine instances of such multiple copying for one course
of instruction to a particular class during any one term;

'local authority' means(a) 	

any institution, council or body contemplated in section 84 (1) (f) of the
Provincial Government Act, 1961 (Act 32 of 1961), and includes


any statutory body designated as a local authority in terms of
paragraph (c) of the definition of 'local authority' in section 1 of the
National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, 1977 (Act
103 of 1977). *

'teacher' means any person giving instruction or doing research at any
school, university or any other educational institution, by whatever name he
may be called;
'the Act' means the Copyright Act, 1978 (Act 98 of 1978), and any
expression to which a meaning has been assigned in the Act bears the same
meaning when used in these regulations;
'the office' and 'the Registrar' mean, respectively, the office of the Registrar
of Patents where the court records of the Tribunal shall be kept, and the
Registrar of Patents as defined by section 7 of the Patents Act, 1978 (Act 57
of 1978);
'the Tribunal' means the Copyright Tribunal established by section 29 of the

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