LAW N° 98 / 014 OF 14 JUIL. l998
The National Assembly deliberated and adopted,
The President of the Republic hereby enacts
the law set out below:



Section 1: This law shall govern telecommunications in Cameroon. To this end, it shall:
- lay down the conditions for the installation, exploitation and balanced development of
- encourage and facilitate private sector involvement in telecommunications development within a
competitive environment;
- aim at enhancing the harmonious development of telecommunications networks and services with a
view to ensuring the contribution of this sector to national economic development and satisfying the
numerous needs of users and the population.
Section 2: (1) This law shall apply all over the territory of Cameroon to the various
telecommunications services, provided by any telecommunications enterprise regardless of its lega1
status, the location of its head office or main establishment and the nationality of the owners of its
capital or that of its managers.
(2) The following shall be excluded from the scope of application of this law:
- radio and television broadcasting enterprises in respect of all their production and programming
activities as well as authorizations to use radio and television broadcasting frequencies;
- State installations set up for the purpose of national defence or public security, or using frequency
bands directly assigned to a government service for the exclusive satisfaction of its specific needs, in
accordance win the recommendations with prescriptions of the International Telecommunications
Section 3: For the implementation of this law and the statutory instruments resulting therefrom, the
following definitions shall apply:
1. Administration in charge of telecommunications: The Ministry or Minister, as the case may
be, vested with general authority over the telecommunications sector, on behalf of the Government.
2. Board: an autonomous government body responsible for regulating, controlling and monitoring
telecommunications activities.
3. Allocation of a frequency or a radiofrequency channel: an authorization granted to a
radiofrequency station for the use of a frequency or a radiofrequency channel, determined under
specified conditions.
4. Frequency band allegation: registration in the frequency band allocation register of a specific
frequency band for the use of one or more services.

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