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1. assignments and transfers to a society of the right of ownership or exploitation and
grants of the right of exploitation of the film or a part thereof now or in the future;
2. assignments, transfers and delegations of all or part of the current or future revenue
from a film, in the form of ownership or as a guarantee;
3. pledges of all or part of the rights referred to in the previous subparagraph;
4. agreements relating to the distribution of the film;
5. agreements restricting free disposal of all or part of the film and of current and future
revenue from it;
6. assignments of priority, subrogations and total or partial cancellations relating to
rights under the aforementioned agreements;
7. court decisions and arbitral awards relating to one of the rights referred to in the
previous subparagraphs.
Article 5. Instruments, contracts, agreements and judgements shall be registered through
the deposit in the Public Register of two plain copies, two certified copies or two true
copies of the instruments, agreements or judgments, which shall mention the serial
number assigned to the film in question. However, one plain copy or certified copy may
be replaced by a true copy.
The copies shall be certified as accurate by the applicant. Footnotes and deleted words
shall be counted and approved. One of the documents shall be kept in the Public Register
and the other shall be returned to the submitter once the curator has noted the registration
on it.
In the event of failure to submit the title of the film and to register the aforementioned
instruments, agreements or judgements, the rights under said instruments, agreements or
judgments shall not be effective against third parties.
Article 6. Under the authority of the Director of Cinematography, the curator of the
Public Register of Cinematography shall have responsibility for:
- assigning a serial number to every film whose title is registered;
- opening a register in which he shall enter, on a daily basis and in chronological order,
instruments requested and submitted with a view to their registration;
- providing copies or extracts of statements submitted for the Register and of documents
submitted in support of registrations or certificates.
Information may be provided orally.

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