Adopted by the 14th Congress of the Frente POLISARIO, 16-20 December 2015
The Sahrawi people who are an Arab, African and Muslim people who decided to
declare war of liberation in 1973, under the leadership of the Frente POLISARIO, to liberate
the homeland from colonialism and subsequently from occupation, thus continuing the long
resistance, which has never stopped during the history of our people to defend their freedom
and dignity, proclaim:
Their resolve to continue to struggle for the recovery of the sovereignty of the Sahrawi
Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) over the entire national territory and achievement of total
Their attachment to the principles of justice and democracy as enshrined in the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights (of 10 December 1948), in the African Charter on
Human and Peoples Rights (of 26 June 1981) and in International Agreements to which the
SADR is party;
Their conviction that liberty and human dignity are only possible in a society where
law is sovereign and where conditions for social development are created in conformity with
the values of the said society, its civilisation, religion and national culture as well as the
demands of the modern world;
Their determination to create democratic institutions that guarantee freedoms and
fundamental human rights, economic and social rights and rights of the family, the basic unit
of society;
Their awareness of the need to build the Grand Maghreb, to concretise African Unity,
Arab Unity and to establish international relations based on cooperation, harmony, mutual
respect and the achievement of peace in the world.
Part 1:
Chapter 1:

Territory, People and the State
Saguia el Hamra and Río de Oro

Article 1:
Saguia el Hamra and Río de Oro (Western Sahara), within its internationally
recognised borders, is a democratic republic, indivisible hereinafter known officially as “the
Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic” (SADR).
Article 2:

Islam shall be the State religion and a main source of law.

Article 3:

The official national language shall be Arabic.

Article 4:

The capital of the country shall be El Aaiún.

Article 5:

The flag, the national anthem and the emblem of the SADR shall be defined by


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