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to public performance, broadcasting, television, communication to the public through
cable or wireless, graphic or mechanical reproduction, translation, adaptation and any
other process of reproduction in the Togolese Republic, and also the droit de suite.
To that end, it shall act as the exclusive intermediary for the conclusion of contracts
between owners of copyright and the users of said works.
It shall have exclusive responsibility for administering said rights in the national territory
on behalf of foreign authors, in implementation of reciprocal agreements concluded with
their respective agents.
It shall receive and register all statements identifying works and their authors or
successors in title.
It shall receive royalties on copyright and neighboring rights from the users of said
It shall distribute these royalties among the owners concerned or their successors in title.
It shall ensure that the specific conditions for the granting of compulsory licenses are
fulfilled and complied with before granting such licenses.
It shall safeguard, enforce and administer rights relating to the use of Togo's folk
It shall produce standardized forms for contracts with the users of protected works or
with organizations representing them.
It shall require users, on behalf of authors or their successors in title, to comply with the
conditions for authorizing the use of protected works and, in the event of infringement,
shall enforce all rights recognized by national law or by international conventions to
which the Togolese Republic is a party, at its own initiative in the case of rights which it
administers in any capacity, or at the express request of the interested parties in all other
It shall give information or advice to authors or their successors in title on all questions
relating to copyright.
It shall provide the competent authorities with information or advice on all legal or
practical problems relating to copyright.
It shall establish and manage a social fund or any other similar body for social security,
solidarity and mutual assistance for authors and their heirs. The terms of organization
and operation of such fund or body shall be determined in separate regulations drawn up
by the governing board.

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